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EVR Products responds to critical rush requirement for expansion joint

Press release date: 2016

In 2016, Elasto-Valve Rubber Products received an urgent request to build and ship a large diameter rubber expansion joint for a customer. The end user could not afford any downtime, so they needed an unprecedented turnaround on the joint. Our team came together and worked around the clock to build the expansion joint; loading it on to an airplane just 29 hours after receiving the order.

Expansion Joint Loaded on to Plane

This is one example of the type of customer-driven, customized service offered by EVR Products. When mission-critical infrastructure is down, we have the expertise and resources to respond to the unique needs of our customers.

EVR Products Announces Appointment of New Vice President and General Manager

Press release date: July 15, 2010

The Board of Directors of Devjo Industries Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Gary Waldick as Vice President & General Manager of Elasto-Valve Rubber Products., Inc. (EVR).

Mr. Waldick's general management career has encompassed business development, sales, marketing, operations, engineering, manufacturing, project management, finance/administration and policy development. For eight of his twenty years within the crane and hoist industry, Mr. Waldick held part ownership of a manufacturing and service company prior to its acquisition by a global corporation. Mr. Waldick continued to develop the business and oversaw sales and operations at several branch and manufacturing locations in Canada.

While managing and selling projects, Mr. Waldick acquired a detailed understanding of many processes and operations common to EVR's user base; including mining, pulp & paper, manufacturing, power generation (hydro, nuclear, and fossil fuels), milling, smelting, refining, ship building, and municipal water processes.

Mr. Waldick has stated, "Since starting with Elasto-Valve Rubber Products in April 2010, I've found the management team, staff, and production employees to be very competent and professional. I'm looking forward to working closely with the group as we continue to develop and grow the business".

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products., Inc. a subsidiary of Devjo Industries, Inc., manufactures hand-built, custom and standardized products such as Pinch Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Sensors, Expansion Joints and Connectors.