Check Valves

Series CPO Slip-On

Designed to mount directly on existing piping, the Series CPO Valve is held in place with durable stainless steel clamps.

Series CPF Flanged

Manufactured with an integral full-faced rubber flange connection and metal backing flange, Series CPF check valves can be attached directly to a tank, pipe, or headwall.

Series CPI In-Line

Manufactured with an integral full-faced rubber flange connection, CPI valves are mounted between existing pipe flanges thereby eliminating the need for a valve body.

Series CPI-IN In-Line

The Series CPI-IN Check Valve can handle corrosive or abrasive materials such as raw sewage, sludge, or slurries. With a broad selection of elastomers, the Check Valve is suitable for many types of media and a wide range of temperatures.

Series CPJ Jacket

The rugged full metal body and one-piece rubber valve combine quiet performance with lasting durability. The modular design of CPJ Series Valves allows them to fit easily into existing piping systems.

Series WaStop®

TheWaStop® check valve can be used to prevent sewer gas, effluent, sand or seaweed backflow into cellars or storm water drains. The WaStop® check valve can be used to protect against overflows in manholes, storm water drains, storm water tanks, sewage works, drainage pipes, culvert systems and ditches.