Series TE-51 


Flow process machinery can generate considerable vibration that equates to excessive stress loads on adjacent equipment. In process systems with corrosive or caustic materials, conventional expansion joints materials may not be suitable. In a situation such as this EVR’s Teflon-lined expansion joints, which are available with multiple arches for higher movement capabilities, is the answer. The TE-51 joint enjoys all of the benefits and advantages of the EVR Series SJ-21 expansion joint. The carcass of the TE-51 joint can be fabricated from any of the materials in EVR’s comprehensive inventory to suit the requirements of the process system. The TE-51 can be engineered and manufactured to withstand extreme temperature ranges, and can function under high pressures or strong vacuums. The quality construction of the TE-51’s leakproof Teflon sleeve, is banded to multiple layers of high strength bias-ply polyester cord, providing superior pressure ratings not available with conventional molded Teflon expansion joints.


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